Hand Held Magnifiers


illuminated magnifier illuminated magnifier

Hand Held Magnifier

  • portability makes them useful for spotting a price in the supermarket, reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant or looking at a map in the car

  • ideal for in-the-home uses such as looking up a phone number, setting the thermostat or reading the prescription on a medicine bottle.

  • LED and incandescent illumination






Makrolux & Makrolux Plus

  • combines the distortion free bright field magnifier + LED light
  • minimizes eyestrain and fatigue
  • large rectangular viewing to see more of a line
  • The Makrolux Plus has an extra lens for extra power

Easy Pockets

  • thin, LED illuminated
  • fits easily into a shirt pocket





  • ergonomic design of a computer mouse
  • LED
  • available in cool Blue or Warm yellow illumination
  • 5X, 7X



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