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Mission Statement

As a registered optician specializing in low vision care, I help patients continue to live independently, and safely in their own environment.

Personal & Professional Service

Visual Rehab is a travelling vision rehabilitation service that provides one-on-one assessment and training to you in your own home or our office. I assist patients experiencing vision loss to find the tools that best suit their individual needs. Most importantly, I will teach you how to use this technology, comfortably and confidently.

After an initial conversation with you or your family by telephone to establish your needs, I then visit your home to assess the environment and do a low vision assessment. I bring with me a variety of devices so that we may choose the one(s) most beneficial. I then train you on the use of each device and offer a trial period to make sure the chosen device works for you.

Following up to determine the effectiveness of the equipment is the most important part of Visual Rehab's service. I ensure you get the training necessary to be certain a device will work for you. If you feel the device is not satisfactory after the trial period, you are free to return the device with no obligation.

I can make follow-up visits to your home, or my office; whatever is most convenient for you.

Ingrid Koenig,
R.O., C.C.L.F.

(613) 266-1437


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